Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Back!

It's been a while since my last post. Summer here has been great this year and I've been enjoying it as much as possible. I love being outside and the weather has been very cooperative in that respect. I will post what I've been doing over the next couple of postings.

The time with my best friend was a blast! We did most of what we had planned and then some. We couldn't have asked for better weather for her first visit to Alaska in the summer, though we did have several wildfires and in certain places it was quite smokey. Her first full day here, we did a day trip and went out to Palmer to see the area and the new stamping store, Stamp Cache. It is very well stocked with the more well-known designers and some that I'd never heard of and Linda is a pleasure to visit with. I will make a trip out to her store more often! We had a picnic lunch at a lake out in Wasilla. It was really nice to just sit and relax and chat and watch Lily as she played around some in the lake.

We did go on the halibut charter and that wasn't so fun. Even though we'd both taken precautions for sea sickness, they weren't enough. The both of us were so sick that we were only able to drop out lines once, though fortunately we both caught a halibut the first time out. The boat was smaller than what I thought it was going to be. Here's a picture of it:
I didn't book the charter, so I didn't know what size boat it was going to be. It only sat 6 people plus the captain and his deckhand. I am ready to go again, but on a larger boat!! We didn't stay out very long because 5 out of the 6 of us got sick! There were 9 + foot swells and they weren't getting any smaller so we headed back. The captain and the deckhand were super nice! Here is a picture of some of the halibut that were caught on our trip. (I think that I caught the one with the red "x".)

Since we headed in early from the charter, we had time to go to Homer. We took some time and walked on a couple of different beaches which was very peaceful and relaxing. We spent a couple of days at our family cabin, and even went boating on the Kenai river. That is some beautiful water. Here is a picture of some Alaska Cotton grass that I took the morning of the charter:It looks like cotton without the boll.

We did a lot of fun things, but her visit was way too short!!!! I can't wait until her next trip up here!